OSI Network Model Layers – 7 Networking Layers

osi network model layers 7 networking layers

In this article, we will discuss OSI Network Model Layers. We use 7 networking layers of the OSI Model (Open System Interconnected Model) to understand how one computer transfers data to another in a computer network. Networking 7 layers or Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model is a conceptual framework that describes networking or telecommunications systems … Read more

Different Types of Application Software – Complete info in 2022

Light pen, types of system softwares, what are application software, different types of application software

In the previous articles, we discussed the definition of software, types of software applications, and types of system software. In this article, we shall focus on what are application software and the different types of application software. What are Application Software? It refers to the programs by which a computer performs a specific task. For example, VLC Media … Read more

Modes of Communication in Computer Network – 3 Ways to classify

modes of communication in computer network

Modes of communication in computer networks refer to how information transmits from one place to another. Data Transmission mode defines the direction of the flow of information between two communication devices. It specifies the direction of the flow of information from one place to another in a computer network. We also call it Data Communication … Read more