PC-3000 – Complete Guide to Technical Features

Since 1992, ACE Lab engineers, mathematicians, and technologists have been working hard to produce an automatic pack of solutions. That is now used by most data recovery companies worldwide. They earned the “PC Indus Technology and Data Recovery Reward.” PC-3000 recovers all the things you may have.

The final project was then completed in 2000. With a wide range of success, you will have a wide range of storage media, including SATA, IDE, and USB hard disc drives. It is so successful that every serious engineer uses the PC-3000.


The PC-3000 system is a high-end hardware and software solution. It is a data recovery tool. It is designed to diagnose and repair hard drives with SATA and PATA (IDE) connections from a wide range of companies (Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Samsung, Quantum, Hitachi, and Toshiba).

The PC-3000 is the technology industry leader and the first innovator to apply modern techniques. The PC-3000 device is the technology that promotes data recovery and drives repair. This company assures users that it is efficient and highly profitable.

For the convenience of customers, it is available in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Different PC-3000 tools- Professional HDD restoration tool

After the success of the PC-3000, ACE Lab also launched other updates on the market. The new updated tools are the following:


The PC-3000 Express is a hardware and software solution. It is used for diagnosing and repairing damaged SATA and IDE hardware systems. For repairs, companies need both

  1. PC-3000 Express and Data Extractor Express.
  2. PC-3000 Express and Data Extractor Express RAID If you like, you can recover data from a RAID.

What has changed in PC-3000 Express?

There are the following features in PC-3000:

  1. The new efficient hard disc drive is due to the oscilloscope functions in the new intelligent power supply unit.
  2. Using SATA power connections rather than outmoded four-pin PTA power connectors has improved power compatibility with the computer power supply unit.
  3. The number of data transfer rates has grown, and the stability of SATA ports has been enhanced. Thanks to the upgraded circuit design of the ATA 3.0 GB/S Bridge,

The PC-3000 Express is highly recommended when the customer’s time is limited and one needs quick data recovery. It enables the recovery of data in a short time.

The PC-3000 consists of PC-3000 Express hardware, software, and data extractor software.

The PC-3000 Express Kit

  • 1pcs, PC-3000 Express controller. 1pcs, PC-USB PWR
  • 2pcs, PC-USB- TERMINAL adaptor. 1pcs-PC 2″ adaptor
  • 1pcs, SATA- micro-SATA adaptor. 1pcs, MX-SAFE adaptor
  • 1pcs, PC-FUJ. SATA adaptor. 1pcs, PC-QUANTUM adaptor
  • 2 PCs, PC-SAMSUNG adaptor. 2pcs, PC-SEAG. SATA adaptor
  • 2pcs, PC-SEAGATE adaptor. 2pcs, PC-TOSH. SATA adaptor
  • 1pcs, PC-WD 3.5’’ adaptor. PC-WD 2.5’’ adaptor- 1pcs
  • 1pcs, ATDS, ATDA probe unlock. 2pcs, USB 2.0 defender cable
  • 4 pcs, SATA RAID edition (100cm) cable. 2pcs, UDMA80 (80cm) flat cable
  • 2pcs, IDC10 (30cm) cable. 1pcs, MX SAFE power cable
  • 2 PCs, SATA HDD (100cm) power cable. 2pcs, PATA HDD (85cm) power cable
  • 1 Flash drive, PC-3000 Express software, resource database, cable
  • 1 Manual guidebook

PC-3000 UDMA

The PC-3000 is an optimal hardware-software solution. It is used for diagnosing and recovering a wide range of data. Various companies use it.

It consists of two factors:

  • 3.5″ desktop drives
  • 2.5″ and 1.8″ laptop drives.

For data recovery, the companies need both.

Data extractor UDMA and PC-UDMA

If you want to recover data from a RAID, use PC-UDMA and the data extractor UDMA RAID edition.

Instead of using data recovery software, R-System may operate directly with a PC-3000 UDMA card.

Why R Studio?

Logical mistakes in the information stored on the hard disc or the failure of hard drives can result in data loss. The first, which manifests as physical hard drive failures, makes it difficult or impossible to obtain data from the hard drive via standard system disc interfaces. In this case, a plugin is needed to extract the data from the disc.

A flawed information system, corrupted files, extra-written files, etc., might bring on logical errors. We need specialized software to retrieve the data.

We may use various alternative programs with bundle hardware for proper operation. In this manner, the malfunctioning hard disc drive is either taken by hardware or sent to software for repair.
R-Studio works immediately as an alternative software. It is high-end software. It solves complex problems and makes it reliable to work properly. Therefore, the test of R-studio and PC-3000 UDMA works very well to solve complex problems.

Companies can use the USDA system for small and medium-sized data recovery projects.

PC-3000 UDMA Kit

  • 1pcs, PC-UDMA controller.
  • PC-USB PWR adapter
  • 1pcs, PC-USB-Terminal adapter.
  • PC-2’’ adapter
  • SATA-micro-SATA adapter.
  • MX SAFE adapter
  • 1pcs, PC-FUJ. SATA adapter. 1pcs, PC-QUANTUM adapter
  • PC-SAMSUNG adapter. 1pcs, PC-SEAG. SATA adapter
  • 1pcs, SEAGATE adapter. 1pcs, PC-TOSH.SATA adapter
  • 1pcs, PC-WD.3.5’’ adapter. 1pcs, PC-WD. 2.5″ adapter
  • 1pcs, ACTH, ATDA probe unlock. 1pcs, USB 2.0 defender cable
  • 2pcs, SATA RAID edition (100cm) cable. UDMA 80 (80cm) flat cable
  • IDC10 (30cm) cable. 1pcs, MX-SAFE power cable
  • 1pcs, SATA HDD (100cm) power cable. 1pcs, SATA HDD (80cm) power cable
  • PATA-SATA (15cm) power cable
  • 1 Flash drive PC-3000 UDMA software resource database
  • 1 Manual book

6 Gbit/s PC-3000 SAS System

PC-3000 SAS is the newest and most powerful recovery data solution with SAS (Serial Attached SCSI). It has a capacity of 18 GB and a storage capacity of 10 TB. You can recover and recognize data more efficiently and quickly. This system works efficiently with hard disc drives at maximum speed for recovering data from SASA or SCSI.
It is the most commonly used tool on the planet. You can recover as much data as you can in a short period.

Technical Features

Factor form

A PC expansion card for embedded systems that applies to two adjacent slots.

Detection Port System

4-SAS on the interior.

Data transfer speed

600 MB/s on each port.

Energy adapter

It has a Four-channel adapter to measure energy and current values, oscilloscope functionality, and safety. Internal HDD connectors are used.

HDD support

8GB to 10TB; 3.5”, 2.5”

Operating system platform

Windows 7 (starting with SP1), Windows 8, Windows 10; x86, 64-bits.

Recommended PC set

  • Intel Core i5 CPU
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage capacity: 1 TB HDD
  • 2″ LCD Monitor, 1920×1080

How to recover data with a data extractor and a PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s system?

Data Extractor is a professional software application that works in conjunction with the PC-3000 hardware. It is designed for recovering data from SATA and ATA (IDE) hard drives (3.5″ and 2.5″). 1.8″ and 1.0″ USB HDDs, SSHDs (Solid State Hybrid Drives), and other sizes are available.

A PC-3000 SASA 6Gbit/s system is recommended for maximum data recovery, which includes the PC-3000 SASA 6Gbit/s and a data extractor. The SAS data extractor system can recover data from SAS, and SASI drives connected to PC-3000 SAS and SASI controllers.

PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s kit

  • PC-3000 SAS 6Gbit/s controller: 1 pc
  • 8482/SATA/Molex 100 cm SAS, SFF cable: 4 pcs.
  • HDD SCSI 50CM power cable: 4 pcs.
  • PC 3000 SAS software: 1 flash drive
  • 1 instruction book


It is an essential part of the data recovery system.

  1. Express + Data Extractor Express = Express system.
  2. UDMA + Data Extractor UDMA = UDMA System.
  3. Portable III + Data Extractor Portable III = Portable III system.

With the damaged drive, it is very important to read maximum data quickly. HDDs can stop working at any time. However, data extractors are used to minimize data analysis. It helps to read only the necessary data you need quickly.

Functions of a Data Extractor

It supports File System. The data extractor supports many files, such as

FAT, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2/3/4, HFS+, UFS1/2, BtrFS, ZFX, XFS, ReiserFS, VMFS, and WFS0.x (Digital Video Recorder).
Working with a damaged device

The PC-3000 hardware and software system allowed the data extractor to make a copy and use it for further work. It aids in reading only the information that is required.

RAW mode recovery

The mode enables access to most of the user’s data even if the file system has been destroyed. The RAW recovery mode searches for and analyses file integrity regardless of the file system structure.

PC-3000 SSD

The PC-3000 SSD Professional software product, which operates in conjunction with one of two hardware and software systems (PC-3000 Express or PC-3000 UDMA), is used for restoring SSDs and recovering data from damaged SSDs.

The PC-3000 SSD can be compatible with SATA, Micro SATA, mSATA, M.2, and LIF.

Features of the PC-3000 SSD

  • PC-3000 Hardware-Software System Compatibility.
  • It can be compatible with other hardware-software systems like PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 USDA, etc.
  • PC-3000 software compatibility:

It is compatible with software like Data Extractor Express, Data Extractor UDMA, and Data Extractor Portable III.

Systems functions

It performs many functions like data recovery, repair, service, and diagnostic.

PC-3000 SSD kit:

  • The systems software
  • The resource database
  • User manual

PC-3000 Portable III systems

The PC-3000 Portable III is a hardware and software solution for recovering digital evidence from logically or physically damaged SATA, IDE, USB hard disk drives, and SATA/M. 2PCLe NVMe solid state drives and RAID.

System functions

It performs many functions like data recovery, repair, service, and diagnostic.


There are the following features:

Form elements: external device

Type of interface: USB 3.0

Ports for diagnostics: USB 3.0 (Host), PORT 0 (PCle/SATA), PORT 1 (SATA), PORT 2 (SATA)

Operating system temperature range: It is between the ranges of 0 and 40 degrees. The Climate Control System maintains it. 

Battery power supply: external AC/DC 19V

Several active licenses: There are two licenses for software installed on the desktop and laptop.

PC-3000 Flash

It is the hardware-software solution designed to recover data from NAND-based devices when access to the approved drive interface is unavailable.

  • USB Flash drive
  • Secure Digital Card
  • Compact Flash
  • Micro Secure Digital Card
  • Memory stick
  • XD
  • Monolithic Flash Devices
  • Multi-Media Card
  • Voice recorder

Type of interface: USB 3.0

Ports for diagnostics: USB 3.0 (Host), PORT 0 (PCle/SATA), PORT 1 (SATA), PORT 2 (SATA)

Operating system temperature range: It is between the ranges of 0 and 40 degrees. The climate control system maintains it. 

Battery power supply: external AC/DC 19V

Many active licenses: There are two licenses for software installed on the desktop and laptop.

Technical features

  • Interface for connecting the Flash Reader: USB 2.0
  • Memory chip cover that is supported include:
  • TSOP-48 
  • LGA/TLGA-52
  • BGA-152/132
  • Circuit Board
  • LGA/TLGA-52
  • TSSOP-56 (can be purchased separately)
  • Except for TSSOP-56, all memory chips covered are in the PC-3000 Flash kit.
  • PC-3000 Flash kit
  • PC 3000 Flash Reader-1 pcs
  • USB 2.0 Cable-1 pcs
  • PC-3000 Software-1 pcs 
  • User manual-1 manual
  • TSOP-48 Adapter-1 pcs
  • LGA/TLGA-52/60 adapter-1 pcs
  • BGA 152/132 adapter-1 pcs
  • Multiboard adapter-1 pcs
  • Monolith Module-2 pcs
  • LGA 52/TSOP-SOP module-1 pcs
  • BGA-152/VBGA-100 module-1 pcs
  • Spider Board adapter-1 pcs
  • TSOP-48 W adapter-1pcs
  • LGA/TLGA-52/60 adapter-1pcs
  • TSSOP-56 adapter-1pcs
  • VBGA-100 adapter-1pcs
  • Card adapter- 1pcs

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