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Computer Science, accessible through the URL https://computerscienc.com, is a Technology blog with a core focus on Computer Sciences. We deal with the basic as well as advanced concepts of Information Technology.

About Archives of Computer Science

We have added four archives (categories) to our blog:

  • Computer Technology
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Computer Networking

Here is a description of these archives so that you get an idea of what type of content we create for you.

Computer Technology

This archive contains blog posts related to technology, innovations, trends, and generic or basic concepts of Information Technology given the present, past, and future of Computer Science.

In this archive, we discuss the fundamentals of computer education and emerging trends in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, the Internet Of Things, Mobile Computing, Blockchain, and Data Sciences.

Also, we answer “How to” questions related to the computer. For example, “How to check the specs of a computer in Microsoft Windows?


In this archive, we write blogs on computer hardware. It contains the updated information on all the physical components we use in the latest computer equipment.


This archive contains the information and content on the computer software. Much of the content is about operating systems (e.g., MS Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.), Internet Applications (e.g., Browsers and Search Engines), and Business software. We discuss the updated information on programming and the programs people use.

We also answer “How to” questions about the software/program. For example, “How to uninstall the FaceIt App from the computer?

Computer Networking

This archive exclusively deals with the concepts and information relating to the area of Computer Networks. As you know, the Internet is a public network. So we may pass a statement that the world is incomplete without networks. We discuss the techniques, concepts, hardware, and software technologies employed to make networks.

Also, we try to answer “How to” questions of networks.

Future Perspective

In the future, we plan to broadcast the news and updates from the tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet inc., Tesla, etc.

This blog will also contain updates regarding technology startups. However, there will not be a separate category for them. Instead, we will accommodate these blogs in our existing archives depending on the information we get.

We will write review articles on the movies about computer science.

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