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In the previous articles, we discussed the definition of softwaretypes of software applications, and types of system software. In this article, we shall focus on what are application software and the different types of application software.

What are Application Software?

It refers to the programs by which a computer performs a specific task. For example, VLC Media Player is an application software for playing audio and videos. Likewise, MS Word is for documentation or drafting of texts.

What are the Types of Application Software?

There are 4 types of application software.

What are the 4 types of Application Software?

The popular types of software applications are:

  1. Productivity
  2. Business Applications
  3. Academic/Educational
  4. Entertainment

We shall discuss them one by one with their famous examples.

Productivity Software

People use productivity software to improve the way they do their work. Moreover, it speeds up the daily routine tasks that individuals or teams perform by eliminating repetitive tasks. Productivity software includes:

  • Word-processing
  • Database management (Oracle, MySQL, Mongo DB, etc.),
  • Spreadsheet
  • Graphics software

Examples of Productivity Software

Microsoft Office is an example of a complete set of productivity software. It contains:

  • Word (word-processor)
  • Excel (spreadsheet)
  • Powerpoint (presentation program)
  • Outlook (an email client)
  • Publisher (a desktop publishing app)
  • Access (database management system)

Moreover, Adobe offers a complete solution to graphics design problems. Its most common products are:

  • Photoshop (photo editing and so much more)
  • Illustrator (create gorgeous vector graphics and illustrations)
  • After Effects (used for visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing)
  • Premiere Pro
  • XD
  • Substance
  • InDesign CC
  • Adobe Lightroom

Business Software

Business software is used to run business activities. It helps in efficiently running the business functions of a company.

Examples of Business Applications

Business software includes Payroll, inventory, accounting, and retail software.

Educational Software

We use educational software for learning purposes. They have become the need of the hour. These are the sets of programs that teach about:

  • human body
  • typing
  • working of an engine
  • foreign language
  • solar system
  • geography of Earth
  • mapping software
  • music
  • Subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc.

Moreover, the programming industry has so revolutionized the academic sector that we cannot imagine accomplishing an academic task without the use of educational software. Some productivity software is also educational software. Productivity software helps us achieve our academic studies, e.g., MS Powerpoint.

Example of Educational software

Typing Master

Entertainment Software

They are to entertain people. Entertainment software is the need of the entertainment industry. It includes video games and multimedia players we use to play audio and videos. However, we mostly listen to music in our free time. Moreover, kids spend their time playing video games. Therefore Entertainment software contributes a significant share of the revenue of the programming industry.

Examples of Entertainment Software

  • VLC Media Player
  • Translational Software

It is all about the different types of software applications and their examples. Furthermore, you may see our archive Software to read more on computer software.

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